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  • Posted by Everfound on June 18, 2013

    Pre-order Everfound's full-length debut album now in the online store and at iTunes. Everfound will release everywhere on July 16, featuring “Never Beyond Repair” and their song “What Love Means”, which was first introduced on The Bible: Music Inspired by the Epic Mini-Series. Don't forget to vote at using Twitter to unlock a new full song stream each week.


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  • Posted by Everfound on May 14, 2013

    Friends, we are excited to share our brand new album with you! Every Tuesday we are releasing a new track from our brand new unreleased album. The thing is, YOU get to choose which song gets released! Vote for your song here:


    With each new song a special video will unlock as well. Vote now!


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how old are you guys now?