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  • Posted by Everfound on January 21, 2014

    Kevin Davis at just posted an interview devotional about the song "God of the Impossible"! Get an inside look at how this deeply personal song offers truth about God to everyone.

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  • Posted by Everfound on January 09, 2014

    Last week on tour there was a night I could not sleep. I was completely exhausted from the 2 previous days of non-stop work, but I lay in my bunk tossing and turning almost all night. There was one thing that bothered me tremendously. I was so upset that another band that we were previously outselling in merchandise after shows was now outselling us. I was completely wrecked by that. It wasn't that we were selling less, they just starting selling more and instead of celebrating it I was so upset that I could not sleep because I, in all seriousness believed that my band deserved to...

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  • Posted by Everfound on November 18, 2013

    Check out Everfound's official music video for "God of the Impossible" now!

    Everfound on iTunes:

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