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  • Everfound
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    Shuffling my feet
    Heavy as concrete
    I'm growing tired
    I'm growing tired
    I'm stuck in this city
    It's starting to break me
    I'm looking for life
    I'm leaving tonight

    Gone are the days that I played it safe
    I gotta escape from the typical way
    Giving up control put my life at stake
    I'm riding on the back of a run away train

    Stop this is your heartbeat
    Living inside me
    Taking control
    I give you control
    No I don't understand what's in front of me
    And I'm scared half to death but I shouldn't be
    I wanna believe you

    I'm awake!
    I'm awake!

    Here's my life would you take it
    I give it all to you
    Cause you're all that I needed
    You're the one I choose

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    Caught in a catastrophe
    Life is tearing at the seams
    There's no way that I can hold it in
    Sinking in the ashes of
    Everything that I once loved
    I'd give it all to get it back again

    Stuck on a wire
    And it feels like it's over

    Unless a miracle
    Takes control
    And rescues my fallen world
    I confess I'm such a mess
    I'm already dead

    I don't believe I'm only dust
    I don't believe I'm born to rust
    I can't be living just to finally die
    At night the beating of my heart
    Fights the voices of the dark
    There's gotta be a reason I'm alive

    Stuck on a wire
    And it feels like it's over

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    You’re so afraid you’re gonna break
    You try to fix the things that make
    You lose control
    The pain you saw the lies you heard
    Knocked you down face in the dirt
    And bruised your soul

    Did you ever think
    Life would be this way
    Always looking for a change

    Try and count the stars
    When the world is out
    Trying to steal your heart
    You’re meant for something higher
    What we see is incomplete
    Hope will keep you moving on
    This is just the start

    Shake the dust off your feet
    Realize that you are free to overcome
    There’s a dream there’s a place
    There’s a crown with your name
    In the kingdom come

    Did you ever think
    Life could be this way
    That the night could show you grace

    So let your fire rise
    And flood the sky tonight

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    Just a boy with a sling and a stone
    But the heart of a lion that dared him to go
    To hear the sound of the cynical
    Die out with the sound of the giants fall

    Oh I dare to believe in incredible things
    Oh I'm ready to go

    Here I am Lord send me
    I wont look back cause I was made
    To be a part of the impossible
    You're God of the impossible
    Here I am Lord send me
    I won't back down cause I believe
    You are the God of the impossible
    Here I am send me

    Empty bones and a thirsty soul
    Dreaming of more than the life I had know
    Till I tasted the burning the coal
    And my guilt was erased, my sin was atoned

    Oh I dare to believe in incredible things
    Oh I'm ready to go

    Oh I dare to believe in incredible things
    Oh cause you're the God of the impossible
    Oh I dare to believe in incredible things
    Oh I'm ready to go

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    You're always trying, to convince me
    To buy the lies you're selling
    But I refuse to, be the victim
    I refuse to drink your poison

    C-mon, bring your best shot on
    Cause I am standing strong
    I know who I am, and where I'm going
    I made my choice now it's all over

    I will fight till the day that I die
    It's engraved in my soul
    I sing Hallelujah
    I'm alive to tell the whole world
    I've been raised from the dead
    I sing Hallelujah

    I'm not wasting, anymore time
    Moving forward doubt out of mind
    I don't need your compromises
    Keep your half truths I don't want them

    C-mon, bring your best shot on
    I am standing strong
    I know who I am, and where I'm going
    Get out of my way its all over

    And you're never gonna stop me now
    And you're never gonna break me down
    Cause the kingdom isn't on the ground

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    There are streets in this city
    That are hard to drive through
    Cause they play like an old song like an old movie
    All of my moments with you

    Here the moon is still pouring
    That same innocent glow
    That held you and I in the dark safe and sound
    Far away in our own little world

    Here the trees often echo
    With the sound of your voice
    And the warm summer breeze learned from your whispering
    How to slow and rush my pulse

    Here the stop light is blinking red
    With the beat of your heart
    And the fog that was once inside of our heads
    Is wandering alone in the park

    There are streets in this city
    That are hard to drive through
    But I know that my family and friends will forgive me
    If one day I leave somewhere new

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    When hurt has come and left you broken
    And you hold faith with trembling hands
    I hear the question as your heartache
    Turns to heartbreak
    Am I a God who understands

    But I've walked in your shoes
    And I've got the scars to prove


    You pray for freedom from this suffering
    You pray relief from all this pain
    And if you find no easy answer
    Just remember
    There was a night I prayed the same

    Yeah I’ve walked in your shoes
    And I've got the scars to prove


    Take a look at my scars
    See the wound in my side it's real
    So wherever you are I am never too far to feel

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    This world is heavy as rain
    My heart is barely a spark
    I’m crying out your name
    Come and drown out the dark
    Just like the stars

    Burning brighter like a fire in the sky
    Just for your glory oh how I want my life to shine
    I want to lift you high

    What you’ve called me to do
    Is the opposite of hide
    Oh God I want to break through
    When I’m surrounded by midnight
    Just like the stars

    And if it rains or pours, I’m screaming I am yours
    And no one will ignore, who I’m living for
    I’m carrying the torch

  • 11

    See the signs, the bright lights
    Walk down the city streets tonight
    You’ll hear people calling
    For the truth, for the life
    For the love we've buried deep inside
    That makes us united

    So let’s take this city
    Our souls are singing oh
    There’s a fire in our bones
    We know we won’t be defeated
    If love is leading oh
    We’re thrown down our stones

    Apathy is killing me
    We could be the saints down on our knees
    Lifting each other
    Out of ashes, out of ruins
    Hope will bring a new beginning
    If we break the silence

    We were made for this moment
    We were meant to be here
    And we're not gonna stop till the walls disappear

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    Rising up from the dirt
    Signs of life stirring across the earth
    Out of the dust about to bloom
    Something beautiful is breaking through

    Oh in this dying land we are alive

    Can you feel the truth down deep?
    Pounding in your chest like your heart beat
    You and I, we believe
    In the call that carries us into the streets!

    We are the hope of nations
    We are the new creation
    We are the generation
    To reach the lost
    We are the hope of nations
    We are the new creation
    We are the chosen sons and daughters
    Through the cross

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    VERSE 1
    There’s no life, there’s no death
    There’s no height that can stand in your way
    Not even doubt or my mistakes
    You broke the walls and tore apart the veil

    And what can separate us now
    You gave away your life
    The greatest sacrifice
    You did it all so I can know what love means
    There’s nothing good in me
    But you see what I can’t see
    And through it all your cross shows me what love means

    VERSE 2
    Afraid no more, oppressed no more
    By his wounds I am in chains no more
    My strength my freedom, my lasting hope
    I lift my eyes cause love has won the war

    And what can separate us now
    You gave away your life
    The greatest sacrifice
    You did it all so I can know what love means
    There’s nothing good in me
    But you see what I can’t see
    And through it all your cross shows me what love means

    Love comes with a price
    You paid with your life
    So I give you mine

    You gave away your life
    The greatest sacrifice
    You did it all so I can know what love means
    There’s nothing good in me
    But you see what I can’t see
    And through it all your cross shows me what love means



Before the fall of the Soviet Union, American missionaries would set up Christian radio stations along the Soviet border and transmit the Gospel into the communist territory. Religion was seen as a threat to the Soviet leadership, so the government would try to jam the frequencies. But - as it tends to do – the Gospel would still come through. People listening closely and at the right times could hear the Gospel broadcasting through the radio. Gospel songs. Sermons. Testimonies. For the three brothers of the Russian--‐born band Everfound who immigrated to Denver, Colorado when they were young children, this is part of how their parents learned about Jesus Christ. Their ancenstors’ commitment to their faith resulted in hardships that are difficult for the band, who have spent nearly their entire lives in the United States, to imagine but now serve as their primary inspiration. Their great--‐uncle spent 20 years in prison for owning a Bible. They grew up with their dad sharing stories of how his youth group was harassed and chased by police dogs after being discovered hiding in the forest for weekly Bible studies. These stories drive the band to be bold about their faith in their artistry. Today, just one generation removed, Everfound can be heard on radio stations all over the world. They tour across the US and around the world, boldly singing the Gospel each night at full volume - without fear of prison or oppression. Although their ancestors were not legally allowed to profess their Christian faith, Everfound has sung freely and clearly about Jesus on four independent albums, and they do so again on their major label debut with Word Records. “The fact that our music is clearly heard all around the world,” said Nikita Odnoralov, the band’s lead singer and keyboardist. “It’s truly humbling.” Although they never experienced the kind of oppression that their ancestors did at the hand of the Soviets, Everfound has been shaped by the experiences of previous generations. They know that writing songs about their faith in a free society and without fear of oppression is a privilege and not something to be taken lightly. Their life--‐story is proof that anything is possible. They know that they have a responsibility to the generations that came before them. A responsibility to make the most of their freedom and carry the torch of faith. A responsibility to be stewards of their talents. A responsibility to look forward and chase big dreams. Although the band’s oldest member is still in his early twenties, Everfound plays like a band that has been together for decades. This is probably because they have. “We never set out to be a band, but music was in our genes,” says drummer Yan, the third oldest brother. Born in Russia and raised in the Unites States, the brothers grew up on an eclectic combination of Russian music and American bands like The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars and Foo Fighters – giving the band a unique and dynamic sound. “We’ve been working on our live show since we were 10 years old,” adds oldest brother Ruslan. They recently rediscovered an old family movie of them when they were young kids. The three brothers were huddled around the piano, all playing together while lead singer Nikita tried to write a song. “There we were – four or five years old – fighting over the piano,” Nikita says. For the three brothers - Nikita (lead vocals/keys), Ruslan (guitar/keys), and Yan (drums) - music has always been a family affair. Two of their grandparents worked professionally in musical theater and their parents always encouraged a love of music. “Playing piano was required in our house,” says Yan. “As soon as you turned seven, Mom would set you up with a lesson with Grandma who would give you your first piano lesson. We all took classical piano for four or five years before we learned any other instruments.” A few years later, their family attended a church that had a large youth group but no worship band. Their parents bought a few instruments - an electronic drum kit, a saxophone, a keyboard - and the brothers began playing. A little while later, they played a battle of the bands that was next door to their church. After that, they started getting calls from local churches and other bands and things slowly started to happen. As Everfound started playing more often, they were initially not well received by the Russian--‐ American community who were not used to such bold and public displays of faith in the form of contemporary art such as rock music. “The Russian church has always been very traditional,” Nikita says. “So when we started to play music and our faith began to come out in our music, particularly outside of the church walls, we got a lot of negative feedback from other Russian Christians.” “We love the Russian church, but with them not initially embracing our music we felt that we’d become misfits within our own community,” Ruslan adds. They funneled all of this into their music and it built a new bond between the band and their fans. “When we wrote songs about those experiences, people connected to them,” Ruslan says. “People began to write us letters telling us, ‘I feel like a misfit in my class’ or ‘I’m not accepted by people in my school.’ We started to get more and more letters. God started showing us that this is what we’re supposed to be doing.” Those letters fueled the band, and they still do today. “We exist today because of those letters,” Ruslan says. “That’s the heart behind our band.” Nikita agrees. “As Christians, what do we exist for?” he asks. “Jesus said love your neighbor and love God. If those kids didn’t write those letters, we wouldn’t be here.” As they began to see the impact God was making through their music, Everfound became inspired and adopted a tenacious work ethic. With Nikita serving as booking manager, they began booking shows anywhere and everywhere. In fact, prior to partnering with Word Entertainment, Everfound found themselves playing more than 150 shows per year and saw their influence grow quickly as they invested in their live show. "We want to provide an experience for our audience that’s impactful,” said Nikita. “We want to take them on a journey with us. That’s why we strive to give 110% every night on stage. At a show, we want our fans to feel and experience the low valleys and the high peaks that inspired our songs in the first place." With Ruslan serving as producer, the band recorded a series of four independent albums. Their parents - having already taken a great risk to bring the family to the United States – continued to make sacrifices in order for the band to tour, record and spread their music. By the time they signed with Word Entertainment, they were at a place where they didn’t need a record label, but they took the opportunity because it would enable the band to take their music and their message to places all over the world. All that they have accomplished so far is just preparation for what is yet to come. “If we were just trying to be famous, we would have signed with a label a long time ago,” Nikita says. “But those labels didn’t share the vision for our band. When Word came along, they got it. They let us be ourselves.” For their new self--‐titled album, they wrote 75 songs and narrowed it down to the best 12, including the lead--‐off hit single “Never beyond Repair”. “Every song on this record is about something that we’ve gone through ourselves,” says Nikita. “The struggles, the defeats, the victories, peaks, valleys and everything in between --‐ all written with the goal of reaching people with the love of Christ.” While these songs are intensely personal, they were written with a generation in mind. Everfound’s goal was to write songs that would serve as the soundtrack to people’s daily lives. They were recently involved in the hugely successful miniseries The Bible on The History Channel. Their song “What Love Means” was included on this inspired‐by soundtrack. They played a huge kickoff event with producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. Afterward, Rick Warren tweeted, “Mark my word: This band is going to be HUGE!” Everfound’s family history has taken them from being imprisoned for owning a Bible to appearing on the soundtrack for a show based on the Bible. From having to hide and listen to the Gospel being illegally transmitted into the Soviet Union to now having their songs literally reaching the world with the message of God’s love. Some would chalk it up to coincidence or simple irony, but for Everfound this is a legacy and a calling to follow in their ancestors footsteps and boldly live out their faith. The brothers don’t know specifically where their next chapters will lead, but they know that the future is bigger than they can imagine.

Nikita Lead Vocals/Keys

If I can say one thing about Nikita it is that he was cut out to fill his role in Everfound. None of us would be able to do what he does so well. Being the front man of the band is not an easy task and he stewards his role with excellence. As the oldest brothers in the family, we are also closest to each other in age. However, as people we could not be more different. I have been writing songs with Nikita since we were kids and as long as I can remember the writing sessions were usually filled with disagreements, but we've written some of our favorite songs that way. One of the major differences between us is that my thinking tends to be more practical while he is the embodiment of the "up in the clouds" personality. His nick name is Peter Pan because every music video concept we talk about Nikita's first ideas always have something to do with him flying (one of these days it'll happen, brother!) Nikita is also the "think tank" of the group. He will have the most genius, profound thoughts and ideas that the rest of us attempt our best to implement. Most of all, Nikita is my brother and one of my closest friends and I am proud to stand on stage with him proclaiming the message of Jesus to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen. - Ruslan

Ruslan Guitar/Keys

I would be lying if I said Ruslan wasn't the hardest working one in the band. He is by far the most passionate musician I know. I remember 11 years ago he got his first keyboard that had programming capabilities. He would stay up until 3 am working on tracks. Fast forward to today he is still just as dedicated and motivated to achieve and live out his dream. Besides being a musical genius, we often give him a hard time and nickname him "dad" when we're on the road. When we try to have fun on the road and relax, he's always the one making sure we don't get too comfortable and that we stay on top of it. - Yan

Yan Drums

Yan is the comedian of the four of us. He is always pitching much needed lightness to the sometimes serious and grim circumstances involving life on the road. Ever since I can remember he was always successful at making people laugh. Going hand-in-hand with this trait is his honesty and straight-forward approach to everything, which often gives the rest of us the necessary jolt into the simple truth that it is what it is and there is no need to mediate. He's very passionate and hardworking, which inspires me. He understands his position and responsibilities as a band mate and, most of all, brother. His ingenuity and creative mind will always play a very prominent and irreplaceable role in Everfound. - Illarion

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